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Experiential learning programs: Our experiential programming is essentially designed to “bring learning to life!!” The goal is to allow youth to engage in hands- on experiences that combine skill building, character, and leadership development- simultaneously, building on life and academic skills through fun and interactive projects. The youth will play essential roles from the planning and development stage all the way through to the completion of each project.

Academic Support: Supporting academic growth is a key component of Mackie’s Place. There will be homework stations with interns assisting the youth with homework assignments, projects and/or extra support they may need in finding academic success.

Life skills: At every point in the day, through every activity and program it is offered, life skills will be an essential and absolute theme in all areas of Mackie’s Place. Mackie’s Place is an extension of family and in family learning is happening naturally through relationship.

Health & Nutrition: Our youth will be exposed to learning and building on their understanding and knowledge of how to nourish their bodies with healthy food in a cost effective and practical way. Our “everyone eats” lunch program, as well as our kitchen apprenticeship and serving opportunities coupled with staff modeling healthy eating habits will offer youth ample opportunities to grow in the area of health and nutrition. There will also be intentional opportunities offered through our community volunteers who specialize in the health and nutrition field, for youth who are especially interested in growing and learning in this area.

Leadership & Goal Setting Skills: Mackie’s Place is very intentional in its program development and scheduling to ensure that all areas in the home encompass leadership and goal setting skill growth. From opportunities for incentive remuneration, experiential project-based program opportunities, to apprenticeship programs and community service. Our Phases program includes a primary worker who will work one to one in developing these skills with youth who are invested in growing in these areas. Our philosophy believes that even being in community and relationship with diverse individuals impacts leadership and provides new and healthy influences.

Emotional Wellness Support: We recognize there is a great need to support the emotional wellness of our youth as many of their lives are encompassed by high-risk behaviors and environments. Mackie’s Place will maintain relationships with community organizations/ministries where we can refer youth to seek support they may need. In addition to professional support options our staff, interns and church volunteers will all be available both intentionally and just naturally in offering assistance to youth in supporting their emotional health through relationship and prayer.

Serving & Community Service: Offering youth opportunities to be a part of a reciprocal community relationship which encompasses not only receiving but giving through service will always be a central focus at Mackie’s Place. Youth will find deeper meaning, purpose, confidence and self worth when reciprocal relationships with individuals and the community at large are developed.

Incentive opportunities/Apprenticeship Programs: Our younger clients will be provided incentives for attendance, participation and service after collaborative planning around their needs ie. bus passes, winter coats, sneakers, makeup, food, gift cards etc. Our more mature clients will be offered opportunities for apprenticeship positions within our house ie. kitchen, mentors etc when possible. We will also assist our mature clients in finding work placements within their community.

Community, friendship, and family are built around food. It is a basic need of every human. To quote Bruce Reith of Hope Mission, "There is something fundamental about sharing a meal; it is more than food, it is people coming together in the most basic human experience, to share a space where divisions can drop away, and the light of our common humanity shine through."
Every day youth are met with quality, fun and nourishing food upon arriving at the youth resource.
Dinners are prepared and then shared with volunteers.
Lunches for school are prepared and taken home. (This service is offered on an as needed basis.)

(This is a threefold paradigm)

QUALITY STAFFING: In order to run a lasting and effective program the staff model has to be solid. Adult to youth ratio must be strong, staff must be well trained, inspired, confident and committed. All staff must be well cared for and appreciated. This is demonstrated via training opportunities, remuneration, and confidence in responsibilities.

CHURCH VOLUNTEERS: Individuals, families, couples and groups will be offered the opportunity to volunteer to be part of supporting positive change in the lives of children and youth simply by showing up and sharing their life stories, skills and wisdom, while walking alongside and building relationships with our clients.

INTERNSHIPS: The Program will offer internships to:
university/college students seeking internship/practicum credits
individuals considering a career in the nonprofit and/or social services sector
high school graduates looking for a meaningful gap year experience
Individuals seeking to serve their community.

The phases pillar of our paradigm is designed to offer measurable steps that will support the growth in youth as stated in our mission statement. For some youth, the term transformation may simply involve offering that individual food to satisfy a basic need and a place to be after school, while for others, the term transformation may encompass a desire to grow in goal setting, life and leadership skills.
The phases have been created to support the needs of each individual client and to meet him/her where he\she is at. Each phase builds on the previous one, with a natural progression that leads toward the fourth phase. In the fourth phase or "leadership" phase we will facilitate youth in utilizing their new skills and confidence as they begin giving back to their community through work experience.
PHASE 1: Off the street, full bellies. The expectation for this phase is simply arrive sober. This encourages the youth to stay sober for a period of time and allow for connection and a positive experience of sobriety. This also promotes safety and a healthy environment for the other youth, the volunteers and the staff in the resource. The goal is to get the youth off of the street, thereby reducing at risk behavior, provide food and connection.
PHASE 2: Relationship building. This phase youth who are attending regularly (3x per week) enter naturally. At risk behaviors are reduced as a result of having their time filled with lead activities and relationships are being built.
PHASE 3: Goal setting & Training. In this phase, the youth is committed and a primary worker will be assigned to meet one on one as a mentor. They will work on goal setting, homework support and training skills.

PHASE 4: Leadership.
Youth begin to give back to the community,
Utilize newly acquired skills and confidence,
Gain work experience,
Incentives are offered based on needs and skills,Modeling for other youth and peers in the program begins to happen both naturally and intentionally.

Mackie's Place is an afterschool youth hub serving at-risk youth in Whalley, BC.

Mackie's Place wants to entice, engage, equip and love our youth who are at risk through an after school hub/program.

We also want to entice, engage and equip the church to walk in Auntie /Uncle type relationships with these youth, using that hub as a platform to meet and build lasting relationships.

So that both are impacted through relationship with a deeper revelation and need for God. Thereby, transforming our community, our churches, and our lives.

The after-school program will strive for quality. Enticing the kids with incentives and phase programs- while engaging them with food and relationships and equipping them with tutoring, skill building, and leadership training.

Dinner will be provided each night our hub is open. Bruce Reith from Alberta’s Hope Mission said it beautifully, “There is something fundamental about sharing a meal; it is more than food, it is people coming together in the most basic human experience, to share, where divisions can drop away and the light of our common humanity shine through.” It’s no longer us and them it’s just people eating together. This allows for families to come and just hang with our youth in a safe environment.

The goal is that these families fall for these kids in their hearts. All the while we are "training" the families. Once a family finds that their own kiddos can't wait to see a particular youth we start to pair the family with a youth in an Auntie/Uncle type relationship that moves from just being at our resource to a relationship outside of Mackie's Place walls. This provides the youth with a family that has healthy relationships with their community, their own family, with alcohol, with the law, and with God. Many of these kids don't have anyone in their lives with healthy relationships. Hoping for such a thing is so outside of their norms. Our desire is to inspire hope for better for them.

Mackie's Place will launch it's pilot program on Jan 16, 2017!!!

Our Pilot program will run:
Mondays 2:30-7:30

Who can come? 12-18 year olds

Mackie's Place full time, 5 day a week, launch goal is Sept, 2017

To provide Surrey’s youth a place to come after school; a place that is more enticing than the street or the local stores where kids feel the temptation to satisfy their boredom and hunger by stealing, drug use and other at risk behaviors. This place w

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