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“CELBAN ONLINE PREP. ANYWHERE”is a successful result driven, cost-effective, easy to use,

convenient and complete review course of CELBAN to have a successful nursing career for

internationally educated nurses in Canada. It provides you proper skill teaching, abundant study

material, learning methodology andfour complete mock tests. In addition, you will find an online

teacher; available throughout the course, to help you and to provide you with feedback on your

assigned practice assignments. You will also receivea treasure ofgrammar e-book totally free of cost to

revise mandatory grammar required for passing CELBAN test. It is a self-paced, student-driven course,

ideal for getting hands on study contents to prepare and mock tests to evaluate your progress. This

program is excellently designed to cross the biggest hurdle of English language proficiency test in their

process to become Canadian Nurses. We assure you will have an immense pleasure with your desired

band score after taking this course. We claimthis on feedback and results we have received from our

students from all over Canada.

There is an option for the free advice from an eminent certified famous Canadian

English certified educator, Mrs. Parvinder Kalra and you can post your questions to get advice. One

teacher will always be with you and you will be able to post your problems freely. The beginning of any

task has always been lessdifficult, but getting proper professional guidance makes it easier.

CELBAN online prep, anywhere takes you to a live learning in depth interactive class to convert your

weaknesses into your strengths. You enjoy a flexible learning schedule with an invaluable treasure of

study resources anytime and anywhere.

This course is intended specifically for internationally educated nurses, striving to get the Canadian

Nursing license. It has been designed, keeping in view their necessities to pass English exam before

applying forthe Nurses challenge test or getting admission in nursing schools for upgrading or further


It is a technology enhanced learning platform that requires only a computer with internet facility on it. It

is a very easy to use program, with which you can save a lot of money by not physically attending

classes. It eliminates the cost and inconvenience associated with transportation, babysitting, taking time

off from work, and other inconveniences incurred by attending classes in a traditional setting.


CELBAN* is a four module English proficiency test for NURSES. It is designed

by CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) and is conducted in Canada only.

It is governed by CEHPEA-Centre for the evaluation of health professionals

educated abroad. CELBAN* is a four module English assessment test that is

required for International nurses in Canada. It is accepted by all licensing bodies all

1 | P a g e

over Canada. It is specially designed in Canada. This test is entirely from the medical

background and nurses feel comfortable to take the test as it requires the test of

English proficiency for medical report writing, medical vocabulary and interaction with

patients for treatment. Most of the modules of the test are based on medical topics;

therefore it is easier for the nurses to score desired band score.

How to take CELBAN test?

• Language is a great barrier when an individual moves from one place to another. In

these cases. Most people give up before difficulties. Language learning is a time taking

process. Conversation with residents of that area helps a lot to overcome the language

barrier along with learning through books or television shows. These language

proficiency tests need perfecting and learning is a slow process. Prepare yourself to face

challenges and believe in yourself.



Life is not a bed of roses and we are all bound to face challenges. People who keep striving get

crown of success. Fortune favors only the bravest person and they always walk ahead. Focus on

your priorities and make consistent efforts. Keep looking at your goal and the brave is the one

who gets ahead, overcomes his failures and achieves his goal. Try to find opportunity in

difficulty, and do not step back if you find stumbling blocks in opportunities. Do not have a fear

of criticism. Sustained efforts and hard work have always led to discoveries. Keep working

towards your goal, you will be successful one day. Success and failure are the two faces of a

same coin. According to my point of view, to acquire certain knowledge or skill one should put

in hard work in day today life. A person learns to drive by sitting on driver’s seat, holding the

stirring in his hands, regulating the brakes and race by his own feet rather than sitting beside

the driver’s seat.For this reason, have firm determination and make all efforts to achieve your


Grammar is the fundamental of language. It plays an eminent role to pass the test. So, Practice

extra grammar exercises.

In grammar revise thoroughly: All tenses, Parts of speech as a Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Forms of

verbs, Adverb, Adjective, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Punctuations, Clauses, articles, active

passive voice and other exercises given in grammar free e-book.

2 | P a g e


• Study 3 hrs. /Dayfor three months.

• Listen & watch English news daily.

• Go through the details of all common diseases.

• Revise medical vocabulary.

• Make short notes on all disease.


You can overcome your limitations with the use of right tools and learning support.Eventually,

your practice coupled with proper support material will take you to the state of mastery. At the

end all your flaws will become hard lessons and weaknesses will no longer exist. Be humble,

willing to grow and honest to yourself. Be strong to accept your mistakes. Your readiness to

learn and acceptance towards your weaknesses will take out your inner abilities and you will

obtain command on the subject.

In addition, language learning is the outcome of dedication, positivity and humility. It will

broaden your knowledge and help you to take out your innate strength to bring successful



It is hard when you feel that you have nothing to offer or you are incapable. Mostly it is due to

low self-esteem, especially when you migrate to another country. You become unable to see

amazing things in you, recognize your skills and think of good qualities you have. In this way,

you loose your self-confidence.

Do not compare yourself to others point of view instead set your goals and try to achieve

them. Keep on making efforts even when you feel like you shouldn’t or you can’t do so. Take

short breaks whenever you need. Stop putting yourself down, recognize yourself and focus on

moving forward by building self-confidence and building it wisely. Always love and take care

yourself instead of comparing yourself according to others viewpoint.

3 | P a g e


Positive thinking helps a person to anticipate success and fill in his mind believe that he can

overcome all obstacles and win in his life. Negative feelings drag you behind through distraction

and depression. Because positive feelings make you feel for happier and hopeful. So always

think positively. An optimist always finds opportunities in difficulties because, a pessimist finds

hurdle in opportunities. To realize it always:

Persuade yourself to keep trying. Power of thought is a mighty power in your life. Think

that you have nothing to lose but only to gain.

Use your imagination power to visualize your dreams, and ignore what people say about

it.Daydream about the time when you will achieve success.

Do not have a company of negative friends. If your circumstances are not favorable,

expect favorable situations will come.

Have a strong determination in your mind and use the affirmation technique to create in

your life what you want. It will contribute to self-discipline, power of concentration, will

power and peace of mind.

Never give up. Even if there are failures take it as a challenge. Always believe “failures

are pillars of success” So keep on smiling and do not ask for advice of anyone.

Persistence will guide your mind to think positively.

DISCARD POOR STUDY HABITS: Many students have poor study habits like:

1. Study on unfavorable environment

2. Disorganized surrounding

3. Checking social media while studying

4. Taking very few or too many notes

5. Cramming for examination

6. Procrastinating

7. Study all night

8. Listening to music while studying

9. Keep texting or phoning friends

10. Poor time management and irregularity

Break bad study habits and do not have examination fear. Try to study wholeheartedly with full

concentration, it will help you to be successful.

4 | P a g e


Less testing, more practice.

Use time wisely and start practicing after study course in a timed setting.

Practice regularly for 6-8 hrs.Before test for one month.

Pay attention towards your work instead of worry.

Revise and practice grammar thoroughly before starting the online preparation.

About the author:

There is an option for the free advice from an eminent certified famous

Canadian English educator, Mrs. Parvinder Kalra and you can post your questions to get advice.

One teacher will always be with you and you can freely post your problems.

CELBAN: Aim to pass CELBAN in first chance in class & online prep. at Surrey,Vancouver& Abb.classes Visit http://celban-blog.com/

This page helps international nurses in Canada to upgrade their degree by providing preparation classes for CELBAN; an English proficiency test for Nurses in Canada.

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